Anna, 19 year old, Journalism student from Amsterdam. Fashion addict, bookworm, dreamer, traveller, writer.

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$46.95 Blue jeans pants 
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the sea is so hauntingly beautiful


i love the look of the water/ocean but i am also terrified of it. i can swim but only to a certain extent like i dont even put my head under water cause i feel like im gunna die. it’s the worst

i feel you. i love oceans and this is just one of the many picture i have of the sea/ocean. i recently fell in love with it cause my ex lived near the coast and we went to the sea on our first date and i actually fell in love with him in the ocean. before that moment i hated it. now i like to go there and swim as far as possible but when i have to go on a boat and when im surrounded by water only i’m so scared. it’s beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

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